No more foot pain, and better edge control in skating!

Figure skaters suffer from many foot pains and injuries.  Why?  Should we just "suck it up" and tolerate the pain in the 21st century while other sports use more sports science and sports medicine to prevent injuries?   We developed SK8INSOLL for skaters to have better foot positions inside skating boots.  We developed SK8INSOLL with many top world skaters and coaches over the past decade.  

Flat-Feet Skaters need Skate Insole

These are Flat-Feet skaters signs and symptoms:

  • Difficulty to be on OUTSIDE EDGE?
  • Leg is not straight, or your foot pronates with knee in ?
  • Pain, blister, bunion inside of foot?
  • Pain outside of baby toe?
  • Pain, blister, bunion on heel?
  • Visibly big skating boots compared to height. 

You can improve your flat feet.  You need to start full package of our Foot Trainer's program as young and low-level as possible to prevent injury and to avoid unnecessary motion for your double and triple jumps. 

Prevent Overuse Injury with correct FOOT-ALIGNMENT

Imagine that skaters repeat continuous one foot jumping and landing movements by leaning on Inside or Outside edge all the time!  2- 3 hours per day minimum and some Japanese skaters repeat 6 - 10 hours per day!!!  

  • For all levels of skaters, supporting muscles are small to keep good foot-alignment for many hours of high impact training for foot joints.  
  • Especially, young skaters and beginner skaters don't have enough muscle development yet to support their foot joint muscle to tolerate those forces. 

It's smarter to have good foot support by using Foot-Alignment Equipment.  Also you really need to take care of your foot after practice.  Stretching is not enough.  Somebody who has realized bad foot alignment or pain of the ankle, knee, hip or back, I recommend you to look into ROOT-of-CAUSE, Foot-Movement-Mechanism.  This action is not only going to cut your chain of injury and pain,   but also improve jump height, smoothness of landing, step sequence movements,  and general skating performance!!!

Some doctors advise "It is just growing pain" and "Just take a break until pain goes away".  

But keep in mind that it is very very difficult to find preventative medicine doctors who work for young figure skaters and understand all figure skating training conditions.

Boots Braking Skaters need Foot-Aligment check!

Please don't complain to boot makers!!!  If skating boots break in 1 or 2 months, it is not because boot makers cut their costs using cheep material,  or your boots shop is not doing good job for you!!!  

Foot Trainers already went through more than 1000 boot breaking problems with skaters all over the world. Boot breaking is happening because of faulty foot alignment.   Based on foot-alignment point of view, it is good that BOOTS are breaking--not your BODY!  Foot Trainers can help to prevent breaking boots and protect the big injury that comes in the near future!

Good Edges Control with Correct FOOT-ALIGMENT

SK8INSOLL helps you achieve your best performance  by using sports medicine, sports science, and figure skating history.

You want smooth and dynamic movement without any pain.  Skating is so beautiful when the blade runs fast on the ice, and blade draws beautiful curves continuously.  


Foot Trainers developed SK8INSOLL with Olympic and World Figure Skating Champions.   SK8INSOLL have been tested over 10 years with 3 to 80 year-old skaters from beginners and hobby skaters to competitive skaters and coaches. 


This is still a work in progress for skaters to skate the best without having pain by using available boots and blades in the current figure skating market, and also competing and skating under the current rules of figure skating system. 


We are continuously challenging to introduce good products and services like SK8INSOLL, Foot-Alignment Training & Seminars, Foot-Alignment Evaluations, Skating Injury Rehab On-Ice training & Camps, Skate mounting & Blade Sharpening Seminars and Training for boot shops and coaches, etc...


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want to improve your skating no matter what your level and problem is.  We will make the best effort of support by using up-to-date applied sports medicine and sports science. 

Pain free skating!

Figure Skating Special Insole

SK8INSOLL are continuous improving with skating, medical and technical professionals!!!

Looking for Excellence of figure skating performance & injury prevention for future figure skating world!