Figure Skating Injury Program

Skating Injury Recovery Program

Many skaters have overuse injuries and constant pain problems.  


When you have pains and sign and symptoms of discomfort of your body problems, what do you do?

  1.   Go to Doctor --- Yes ! you need to get diagnosed properly and find out What is your injury is very good.  Don't depend on too much for your doctors.  Their job is damaged body recover to healthy normal person, not to make you to back to land triple jumps. You need additional help on top of your doctors. 
  2.  Go to physio-theraphy --- Yes ! it is very helpful to go to your local physio therapist to heal your injury better.  Physio is also to make you recover to healthy not but perform better.  
  3. Take a rest --- Yes ! you need to take a rest when you have pain.  Once you recovering not to feel pain, then you need to start recovering program things your body can do without pains, otherwise you will struggle to perform like before you get injured. 

Skating Injury Prevention Program

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Skating Injury Recovery + Cut route of Cause Program

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