PRICE LIST / Products and Services

1. Foot Evaluation

50€ per session

Take skaters injury and pain history, and figure skating practice information.  Evaluate skater's foot, hip-knee-ankle, and pelvis movements.  Explain what your foot-alignment is and how movement needs to be corrected to get neutral and stable standing position.  After this evaluation, I am going to give the list of action plans with priorities from foot-alignment improvement point of view, so skater can decide what you want to do. 

Evaluation takes about 15 - 20 minutes. We can make Feetech® Figure Skating Insoles only for skaters who took this evaluation.  Some skaters do not need Feetech® Skating Insoles. Sometimes it is better to chose other options to prevent injuries and improve performance. 

2. SK8INSOLL® Figure Skating Insole

200€ per pair

It takes about 20 minutes to make SK8INSOLL® after evaluating your feet.  We make insoles following objectives.  

  1.  improve your pains and/or injuries for your skating
  2. easy to be on the blade with good foot-alignment

In order to achieve above two objectives, we think what  SK8INSOLL® can help you, and propose long  and short term strategy to improve your foot or skating problems. 

We will provide custom-made strategies depend on each skater's situations. 

3. Off-ice Shoes

with Feetech® Insole  --- 360- 420 euro

Off Ice shoes is very important for skaters who wants to improve flat feet.  As you see figure skating movement on video, as you practice more skating hours skaters foot pronate more and more.  If you want to make your foot rest while you are off the ice, both 1) proper fit support shoes and 2) SK8INSOLL®sports insole is necessary to keep skaters foot to be ideal anatomical position.  Flat feet skaters are highly recommended to use to have this services to improve your arches.   Usually young skaters under 10 years old, start using it properly, flat feet skaters improve 20 -30 % of arch in 3-6 months.  Skaters between 11- 18 years old (depend on the combinations of factors such as the body weight, hight, how often you walk with off-ice shoes and insoles...), but many skaters improved 10-20% of arch in 12 months. 

4. Foot-Treatment Program

80€ per session

Figure skaters are the only athletes who don't use sports conditioning according to up-to-date sports science magazines.   Skaters practice the same movements over and over and need to treat the body, even if you are only 7 years old, doing single Axel, and skate 1 minute program.  Stretching for 10 minutes is not enough for most skaters.  You need to treat specific muscles by the most effective way.  Myofascia release and lactic acid control are key to heal and prevent injuries and ensure good performance.   I will make realistic foot-treatment program for skaters in all levels and ages.  For 5-year-old skater, I will make some program that parents can treat skaters at home by cooperating with skater.   If you want to bring your own physio, I can create treatment program you have to do before and after skating every day, and what physio can do for you in your appointment. 

5. Foot-Alignment Training

80 - 100 € per session

In order to improve your knee-in stance, flat-feet, and wobbly skating movement on ice, I will design what you have to do off the ice with or without skating boots. Off the ice, and in front of  a mirror, you can see your problematic foot-alignment and foot-movement easily.  This is a good opportunity to understand the reality of how your body moves and how difficult to make an ideal position while you are doing double axel or other skills. This series of Functional Training has a sequence and meaning in order to improve your current working figure skating skills and technique.  

6. Foot-Alignment OnIce Training

100 euro per season

Having new SK8INSOLL®, Foot-Improvement Treatment program designed, and have best support off-ice shoes with SK8INSOLL®  and you are going to do off ice program.   Many skaters have difficulty applying what we thought off ice into on ice movement when I was teaching skaters before.  This is why I started to look for some skating foot-alignment specialist in the world.   Donald Jackson and Gary Beacom well trained in compulsory figures and still skating on ice now with beautiful foot-alignment and  efficiency.   We teach foot-alignment on-ice training to improve stability and control of edges.  This program is good to take after off-ice program.  All training has to be done everyday when you get on ice. 

*** This is not figure skating lesson, and we are not going to talk about specific techniques.  We focus on FOOT-ALIGNMENT and proper blade control method. 


This program will make a big change to your skating life.  Tell your coach that you were not stupid or non-talented skater.  Just you had BAD FOOT Alignment!  Programs with Foot Trainers will help you skate fast and more stable!!!  

7. Boots Brakeing Consultation

additional 30€ on top of 1. Foot Evaluation

There are many phone calls and emails I get from skaters, coaches, and shops that skater breaks boots every 1 or 2 months, feels no ankle support, and cannot skate without new skates.  Parents understandably say  they I cannot afford new pair of 600€ boots every 2 months!

There are many reasons why boots are breaking.  It is not easy to find out the reason to solve this problem without evaluating your foot and skating movements by a foot-alignment specialist.  It depends on skater and  situations. Solutions are different.   Boot shop's expertise is merchandising skating boots and blades, mount blades, and sharpen.  Of course boots shop are not experts of foot-alignment.  Skating boots makers are not responsible for breaking boots because of your foot-alignment issue.   Do you think your doctors and physio can find out and solve your boots breaking issue in skating?

8. Boots fitting and blade mounting consultation

additional 50€ on top of 1. Foot Evaluation

Foot Trainers is not a skating boots shop, but we will help you to provide foot-alignment point of view of selecting and fitting your skating boots for you after skater takes 1.FOOT EVALUATION.  

HOW DO I FIT BOOTS?  I show you many experiments by putting on different models and sizes of boots.  You move and jump with boots.  Why?  Because this is how you use skating boots on ice every day!!!  I have no idea how you can decide to chose a model and size of the ONLY EQUIPMENT you are going to use for hours on ice for the 1 - 2 seasons by online shopping or foot-drawing method!

I am not going to tell you my personal preference of boots.  Based on foot evaluations, and also your preference of boots, I will advise about a realistic brand, model, size and width.  

*** Logistically, without having all models and sizes of boots readily available, this service might not be possible, depending on where appointment takes place.