SK8INSOLL® Insoles are ALL made in Japan

Each insole is Hand-Made one by one by podologist

SK8INSOLL® Insole is NOT Medical / Doctor Insole.


What is the difference between medical insole and sports insole?  You don't need to tolerate pain of hard thick plastic doctor-made insoles designed from a casting technique.  Skate insoles are designed to be used for figure skating jumping.  

SK8INSOLL® Insoles are very comfortable!

The secret is selected materials and design.

Material is very important.   We chose material for 1) comfort 2) functional more than economical because this insole is specific use for figure skating.   Figure skaters are very sensitive for slipping or too much gripping with insole materials.  While provide proper anatomical foot support functions,  provide comfortableness of your foot with SK8INSOLL® Insoles. 

SK8INSOLL® works the best with figure skating boots.

Using lateral support of skating boots to make insole cooperate together to navigate proper dorsiflexion ( ankle bend) happening.

You want to stand ideal vertical positions as much as possible.    Insoles helps to keep your arch in anatomical positions to carry your body weight from heel to toe,  having a good lateral support of the skating boots adding on good dorsiflexion movement.  This is used in ski boots technology for many years, but very new in figure skating.