SK8INSOLL® has a middle support  for high heel figure skating boots.

Your foot should stand straight on the blade--not too inside and not too outside. 

However, all of custom and readymade Ice Hockey Insoles, Ski Insoles, and shoe Insoles focus on heel cup to support heel strike of gait. However SK8INSOLL® focus on middle support to fit movement for figure skating.  

NG! Hockey Insoles for figure skating.

Hockey insoles has bigger  heel cup design which makes skaters heel bones movers inside of skates.  Also, it has wider width design which makes conflict skating boots walls.  Using hockey insoles in figure skating boots create over corrections of pronations inside of your skating boots. 

No Ski Insoles for figure skating.

Ski insoles are usually designed wider than Hockey insoles.  Skaters complained about blisters between insole and inside of boots wall.  Over corrections of pronations and sitting on the blade with supinated heel bone positions will create another ankle, knee and hip injuries. 

NG! Running Shoes Insoles for figure skating.

As mentioned in Ski insole issues section, in figure skating movement, supination correction needs to be very careful.  Supination test on the floor with barefoot.  Many skaters foot supinate on the floor,  but doesn't  happen supination on the blade with skating boots conditions.   Many supinators pronate more with boots and blade to get counter balance on the ice.

Also, running shoes material is usually made by hard plastic material or thicker materials.  Many skaters complained pains using those materials, and rather than enjoying using the functions of insoles, it is actually creating more inflammations and pains.  Why?  It is because those insoles are designed to stand up on the floor without leaning positions, and also  bigger contact surface than figure skating blade to the standing surface ( floor / ice).