Why Feetech® Skate Insoles make your skating easier.

It's very simple.  Your foot can STAND STRAIGHT ON BLADE with SK8INSOLL® .  

SK8INSOLL® is designed for figure skating use which involves  ideal insole material based on studies of existing skating boots last and pitch and research of figure skaters heel bone size.  SK8INSOLL® insole is uniquely designed to work the best with lateral support of your skating boots.  We ensure stability of Feetech® Insoles inside skates.  SK8INSOLL®  development team consists of Olympic Skaters. We care about your best SKATING performance with good Foot Alignment ON ICE with BOOTS and BLADES!

Why SK8INSOLL® Skate Insoles are necessary for children.

Small weak body standing on a blade needs good foot support!

Skating is a sport in which you need to turn, spin, and jump while controlling balance on ONE-FOOT and MOVING on the CURVE!!!  Off Course you need to have a lot of body strength and balancing coordination developed to move how you want on ice.  


In FIGURE SKATING history, compulsory figures were the basic foot and body control training.   Skaters used to practice 3 hours of compulsory figures on the ice to learn how to control edges.   Current figure skaters start turns, jumps, and spins and many acrobatic movements when foot and lower body are not trained to be stable.  


This is why current skaters need more proper equipment to protect from injuries.  

How you can prevent over-use injuries by using SK8INSOLL®.

1) Key is to navigate proper ankle bend inside of your boots by using both skating boots and SK8INSOLL® Insoles together.


Your foot is the base foundation of your body, and you can control your body the best having your foot stable.  Once your foot pronate, your body automatically try to get counter balance by twisting tibia, and fibula outside ( external rotation of tibial and fibula).  Then hip (pelvis) start rotating and tilt to get more balance.  Imagine, you have to be on skate and repeat jumps and spins with those poor foot alignment.   Off course you want to have better foot alignment. 

2) Proper off-ice shoes + SK8INSOLL® helps you to educate hip joint coordinations.

Thi is the best way to prevent your overuse injury for knee and ankle.

Skaters tend to have very tight muscles and soft tissue around ankle, knee and leg because of a lot of training on the blade and repeating jumps many times.  This is the main reason skaters has weak ankles and knee pains.  It is very important to use good support Off-Ice shoes for figure skaters to protect your foot not only for off-ice skating training, but also for all walking, running and exercise life off ice. 

With your good foot-alignment, you can jump efficiently like Cats!

Using the best hip-knee-ankle joint alignment is the most efficient shock absorption and the best injury prevention.  Cats jumps and land on and off high wall to low, why Cats doesn't get injured?  Because they use the best hip-knee-ankle joint alignment and absorb shocks without too much pressure for one muscle or joint.  

You don't want to injured in off ice training.

You want to have good stable foot-alignment while off ice training.

    I think your off-ice trainers introduced you Jump training like this.  Figure skaters don't jump like this in the air, but this is very good exercise to educate hip flexion movement for your brain.  

     Most figure skaters has pelvis backward position because of

  1) pronations of ankle joint,  2) very tight hip and quad muscles.  In order for you to do those kind of jump trainings, it is highly recommended to use foot SK8INSOLL® Insole + proper selected models +fit off ice shoes.